A delegation from the Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile, led by Chilean education experts Alejandro Proestakis and Cristian Celedón, visited different educational institutions in the cities of Helsinki and Tampere, in order to cement collaborative activities for the creation of international programs to foster continuing education for teachers in Latin America, seeking to begin these activities in the Region of Antofagasta, in the north of Chile.

During this intense visit, which comprised over 10 working meetings, a highlight was the encounter between the UCN delegation, representatives of the Tampere University of Applied Sciences and the University of Helsinki. The Chilean experts had the chance to get to know a diverse set of centers and programs linked to these institutions, to gain an understanding of the development of projects and initiatives in the areas of initial teacher training and ongoing specialization for educators, among others. All of these visits were carried out together with experts from Finnish universities, who explained the features of the Finnish education system in detail, with examples from transferal projects that have been carried out around the world, including some cases from Latin America.

Thanks to this visit, a delegation of Finnish experts will visit the city of Antofagasta during the coming months, to work with the Universidad Católica del Norte and representatives of local educational establishments to design the action plan for 2017-2018, which aims to initiate concrete actions of collaboration with positive impacts in the school system, primarily in the continuing education and training of teachers.

For Cristian Celedón, from the Universidad Católica del Norte, the visit was an important step forward in the collaboration between Chile and Finland.

“We are about to undertake an important joint action plan, which will not only benefit the teachers of our city, but in the medium term, is likely to have a positive impact at the Latin American level. The Universidad Católica del Norte has a strategic location in the continent, so we hope to become pioneers in international collaboration for education in the continent. We have received support from both the Regional Government of Antofagasta and the Government of Finland, through its local embassy and agencies linked to the education area. We are sure that this plan will become an important example of international collaboration for the benefit of high-level, globalized education.”

This visit was carried out thanks to the support of the Government of Chile, through the Regional Government in Antofagasta, and was organized by Finpro through its Education Export Finland program, with additional support from the Embassy of Finland in Chile.

Vía: Education Export Finland